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I’m Brooke and I help busy women rediscover their sense of self and sensual spark

Here you’ll find resources to help you find the way back to yourself so you can feel good and make love last.

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The way back…

Information is all well and good but sometimes you need help to apply the theory to your real life - the life jam-packed with aspirations, responsibilities and expectations.

If you want to want him but at the end of the day you just don’t…

If intimacy often feels like work, an inconvenience, something you have to do...

If you feel numb and can’t remember when you last felt sexy, sensual and giddy with aliveness…

Then I can help!

The BIG question is - how can it be easier?

Discover below how to foster a sustained sense of aliveness despite feeling overwhelmed and over-scheduled by the endless to-do list.

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Not sure if you have the headspace or the want to solve this problem yet?

The burden of the mental load is real and it's normal to lose yourself and each other in all the doing.

As an Executive coach and licensed facilitator with over 14 years experience I can help you via workshops or 1:1 coaching session to:

  • get crystal clear on what you want in all life areas

  • develop a mindset and environment to keep your inner spark alive

  • create space for quality time and deep connection 

Sustaining your vitality is an essential part of caring for yourself and your relationship.

Brooke x