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be curious. Come Alive. Feel Good.       



Hey You,

Here you can find a collection of insightful, practical solutions, backed by psychological research, for busy women feeling the pressure of an endless to do list and craving quality time to reconnect and recharge.

We understand the seasons of desire and can help you create a relationship and life that you love!

We invite you to join a class, grab one of our many free resources, or receive a pleasure-inspiring gift box delivered right to your door. 


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Brooke is one of only a handful of Australian licensed facilitators of Danielle LaPorte's famed The Desire Map. She is passionate about using this framework to help you reignite the spark in your relationship and life. She can help you navigate the challenges of modern relationships and foster a sustained sense of aliveness. Choose abundance over not-enough-ness. Choose satisfaction over criticism and fear. Choose to feel. 



Our mission is to empower you to live a life that feels good and that begins with the quality of your relationships. To have a new, more nuanced conversation about love and desire we have to have a new awareness. Here you'll find books, games, and free information to help you navigate modern relationships.


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We all need a nudge to get us in the mood from time to time and our collection of pleasure-inspiring items will do the trick. Each quarter, we curate a themed box filled with 5-7 beautiful items carefully chosen as a gentle reminder to create space for connection and exploration in your relationship. 

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The one thing you can do right now to start living a life that feels good. 

Use this proven, easy-to-follow process to help you figure out what you most want for your relationship and life. By joining our list you also receive an exclusive discount offer for our store. 


Our collections are informed by years of research on relationships, desire, and love. Check out our Instagram and blog to learn more.