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I’m Brooke and I help women rediscover their spark to feel happier and more satisfied

Here you’ll find resources and classes to help you safeguard your sanity, health and relationship from the pressures of everyday life.

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Proven strategies to safeguard your relationship and happiness from the pressures of everyday life



11 conversation prompts to spark conversation beyond ‘what’s for dinner’

The burden of the mental load is real and it's easy to lose yourself and each other in all the doing.

As a multi-accredited coach and licensed facilitator with over 13 years experience I can help you:

  • get crystal clear on what you want in all life areas

  • develop a mindset and environment to keep your inner spark alive

  • create space for quality time and deep connection 

Sustaining your vitality is an essential part of caring for yourself and your relationship. 

Brooke x


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Discover how to foster a sustained sense of aliveness despite feeling exhausted by the endless to-do list. Choose abundance over not-enough-ness. Choose satisfaction over longing. Choose to feel good!