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Hey, I’m Brooke

I help over-scheduled, worn out women reconnect with themselves and those around them to feel a renewed sense of aliveness, joy and fulfillment


Workshops and programs that focus on inner reflection and prioritising pleasure to thrive at home and at work

In my 16 years as a leader and coach I’ve seen countless women burn out while working hard to achieve their professional and personal goals. The competing demands of career and family leaves them:

  • exhausted by the mental load of life admin, parenting and work, with no room to just be

  • dissatisfied despite career success, listless and numb, unclear about what will make them happy

  • feeling unsupported and frustrated by the split of household tasks leading to crankiness and criticisms

  • disinterested in intimacy but hungry for connection, feeling isolated and lonely

All of this leads to a lost sense of self and disconnection in your marriage. You feel like you’re far away from each other and you aren’t sure how to get back.

Do you feel a longing within that a facial, the odd date night or a Sunday morning sleep-in never satisfies?

I believe you can have a successful career and stay connected to yourself and those around you, that ‘busy’ doesn’t have to be your default answer, and that vitality is your natural state.

The 4 C’s of Vitality is a new take on self care that goes deeper for a renewed sense of aliveness, joy and connection.

This framework is the giant exhale you’ve been waiting for.


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It’s normal to feel unsure. You might be thinking you don’t have the time to focus on this now or maybe you’re scared about looking within and what that means for you and your family, but the relief you’ll feel and the support you’ll receive will be worth it. Take that first step and get in touch below.

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