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Hey there, I’m Brooke. I’m a facilitator and executive coach, a top writer for Medium.com, and a mother of two.

My mission is to help women live a vibrant, connected life. I believe you can transform your entire life by tending to your inner spark. It’s the secret sauce of wellness that’s rarely spoken about. I want other women to feel the same depth of connection and fulfillment, the same vibrancy and spaciousness, as I feel. But it wasn’t always like this…

I’ll never forget the day my husband of 12 years left, or his parting words. ‘You’ll see, nothing will really change when I’m gone. I’ll still help with the kids and that’s all you need me for anyway’.

It took my breath away and I crumpled to the floor.

I’d been so busy proving to the world that I was capable and responsible, I’d lost my tenderness. I was all sharp edges and criticisms.

I was drowning in expectations and responsibilities, wondering how much longer I could keep it together but not wanting to compromise on my standards. I wanted the beautiful house overlooking the ocean, the overseas holidays, the private school education for the kids, the career success and lots more.

We were going through the motions, ticking off to-do lists, tag teaming Sunday morning sleep-ins and daycare pickups. We made a great team on the logistics front but it wasn’t enough.

There was some part of me that knew things weren’t solid, that I wasn’t on the right path. Oprah calls it the whispers. All we talked about was life admin, work and kid stuff. We were successful by external standards but it didn’t feel meaningful. Intimacy had fallen to the bottom of the to-do list, and honestly, I wasn’t that disappointed about it. I was tired and distracted and it felt like work anyway.

Enter the Quiet Desperation stage - when everything on the outside is a dream come true but you become aware of a longing that exists everywhere - in your cells, your heart and your spirit. Something had to give.

Can you relate?

Are you stuck in a cycle of doing and not sure how to get out without giving up on your goals?

Can you remember the last time you felt truly satisfied, rested and secure?

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It took some time, but I (mostly) healed from my divorce and learnt how to create a life that felt as good on the inside as it looked on the outside.

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I’m clear on my priorities and choose joy and quality time over busyness without having to lower my standards

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I’m in control of my calendar and have a proven method for balancing competing priorities of work, family and personal wellbeing

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I stay close to my sense of self as a woman - and my desire - and as a result I feel alive, energised and secure in my relationship

I say Brene Brown’s ‘Daring Greatly’ saved my life and I mean it. She taught me about vulnerability and courage and helped make sense of what had happened in my marriage. Her work planted the seed for what I could do differently to live whole-heartedly.

I want all of this for you too.

I’m bursting with everything I’ve learnt (and continue to learn) and I love sharing it in articles, workshops, podcasts, programs, social media and more to help more women find the sweet spot in love and life.

Professional Bio

Brooke has 15 years’ experience in leadership, coaching, training, and organisational and workforce development in both Corporate and Not-for Profit sectors.

Brooke is an engaging speaker who inspires her audience and affects change in individuals and organisations, leading to better outcomes for people, businesses and communities.

As a licensed facilitator, Brooke delivers violence prevention education sessions to businesses, the education sector and community organisations, as well as leadership development programs for the Government sector, and various wellbeing workshops for women using the Desire Map framework.

A member of several platforms such as Future Women and Esther Perel Sessions, Brooke values collaboration and empowerment and embraces opportunities to learn and grow. She writes for a number of online publications where she shares her insights for personal and professional development. 

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