Less Striving, More Living: 2019 Virtual Desire Map Workshop Series

Less Striving, More Living: 2019 Virtual Desire Map Workshop Series


Hands up if you want 2019 to be different from 2018?

Keep them up if you have a plan to DO something to make that change?

Not many I'm guessing. 

That's because we have a wish, a longing, for things to be different but we've also accepted that how we're feeling is an acceptable trade-off for providing a certain life for our family. 

It's not. 

If you're worried about how you'll survive another year like this one with your happiness, your sanity or your relationship intact, then you're not alone. 

ALL of my clients reported that they were feeling exhausted and stretched too thinly

That they wanted more quality time with their spouse but couldn't put aside the household chores and life admin. 
That more than anything, they wanted to be able to close the endless open tabs in their mind and truly relax and enjoy moments more. 

They are LONELY and yet overwhelmed by too many touch points. 

Let's be radical and say no to the resolutions we won't keep anyway. This process only makes us feel less than we're already feeling. 

Join me for a FREE 5 day Free & Clear reflection, followed by a 10 hour virtual course where I'll help you achieve your goals AND stay connected and sane. I'll help you make it all come together in real life. 

No more lofty goals that don't fit with the demands of your everyday life. 

No more resolutions that are based on what you think you should do. 

More presence and connection with loved ones and less loneliness.

Everything is possible when you figure out the HOW. 

See you there,
Brooke x

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