MASTERING YOUR MOJO: 2 Hour Virtual Workshop

MASTERING YOUR MOJO: 2 Hour Virtual Workshop


MASTERING YOUR MOJO is a 2 hour introduction to the Desire Mapping process, with a focus on love and desire.

I believe the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.

It’s hard to stay connected to ourselves and others when we’re feeling overwhelmed, tired and numb from all the doing. 

This disconnection can undermine the security of your relationship and leave you feeling listless and lost in a sea of indecision. 

But there’s a different way – one where you can feel more vibrant and satisfied. 

What we’ll cover:
 > Learn more about the science of love and desire 
 > Get clarity on how you want to feel and what goals you have for your relationship using The Desire Map
 > Guided writing exercises to help you reconnect with your sensual, sparky self

This workshop is for you if you’re:
• Wanting to improve your relationship or deepen connection 
• Looking for some relief from the endless to-do list
• Interested in self-development and learning new things
• Feeling numb and dissatisfied and wanting to feel sparkier, more vibrant

Reconnect with your inner spark and join me virtually on the 19 April 10am AEST (8pm EST/5pm PST)