Meet the founder, Brooke

Writer | Coach | Educator | Mother | Lover 

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As a multi-accredited coach, facilitator, and leader for more than 14 years, Brooke understands the challenges of managing a pressure-filled career with raising a family and nurturing a long-term relationship.

She is passionate about developing emotional intelligence and helps women apply the insights to rekindle a sense of aliveness and create deep love that lasts.

She is a licensed Desire Map facilitator and uses this famed program to provide busy, unfulfilled women with a guided experience to reset and reconnect. She offers a safe space for self-inquiry and the tools for deeper connection and vitality on a day to day basis.

She believes that by tending to your inner spark, your entire life can be transformed.

Electro-soul music, margaritas, and the ocean are some of her favourite things. 

When her decade-long marriage ended 6 years ago she was thrust into a whole new world of dating (and oh my word, wasn't that an eye opener!)  
It was about this time that she began writing about love and desire in a number of online publications. Her blog struck a chord with more than 60,000 readers, many of whom saw themselves reflected in her stories.

As a result, she found herself in countless heartfelt conversations with women about the challenges of being in (and out of) relationships, and a common theme quickly emerged - a great deal of women are feeling disconnected, exhausted and numb. 

As strong, empowered, modern women we're supposed to be able to have it all, right? So why are so many of us not having "it" at all?


Finding an answer to this question, and a solution to the problem, became an obsession. It's safe to say she became a greedy knowledge hog on all things female desire. This naturally led to further study. Alongside a number of Executive Coaching qualifications, Brooke studied an Advanced Diploma in Arts and plans to move on to a Bachelor of Development and Training to complement her role as facilitator and coach. She is also a member of Esther Perel's Sessions, a platform offering collaboration and professional development for psychologists and coaches working in this field.

She continues to learn everything she can about the female spark - consuming countless books, articles and podcasts in the brief downtime she manages to squeeze in between caring for her two children and doing the laundry. But most of all, she loves learning straight from the source - talking to women about their experiences of motherhood, love, and sex. 


And so She Desires was born - to empower women to re-frame their relationship with pleasure and live a life that feels good.

You can get in touch here for a free 45 minute consult to find out how Brooke can help you get your deepest needs met x