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Hi, I’m Brooke

I help high-performing women achieve their goals without losing their sense of self, their spark or their relationship


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Workshops and programs that focus on inner reflection and prioritising pleasure to thrive at home and at work

In my 15 year career as a leader and coach I’ve seen countless talented, driven women burn out. Women who aren’t willing to give up on their personal and professional goals but the competing demands of career and family leave them feeling:

  • overwhelmed and exhausted

  • cloudy, listless and numb

  • frustrated by and critical of their partners

  • disinterested in intimacy but hungry for connection

All of this leads to a lost sense of self and a lack of deep connection and fulfillment. Do you feel a longing within that a facial, the odd date night or a Sunday morning sleep-in doesn’t satisfy?

I believe you can have a successful career and stay connected to yourself and those around you, that ‘busy’ doesn’t have to be your default answer, and that vitality is your natural state.

The 4 C’s of Vitality is a new take on self care that goes deeper for a renewed sense of aliveness, rest and connection in all the doing.





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Ready to thrive? Let’s do it!

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