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TAKE THE PRESSURE DOWN: A Virtual Introduction to The Desire Map For Relationships

TAKE THE PRESSURE DOWN is an introduction to the Desire Mapping process, with a particular focus on relationships. The Desire Map is a guidance system for making choices that help you create a relationship, and life, that feels good. This is the perfect introduction to get a sense if you want to go further. 

Where do you get relationship advice from now? Perhaps you read the odd article that pops into your Facebook feed or you might chat to your friends, but they are often telling the same story as you - one of exhaustion and frustration. 

Consider this an education of sorts in the psychology of love and desire. You'll hear from leading experts in the fields of psychology and philosophy and then get a chance to put some of what you learn into practice with a few easy, practical activities guided by your heart-centered goals.

I'll help you achieve clarity on this simple question: how do you most want to feel? It’s simple and incredibly powerful. 


  • 90 minute virtual workshop with licensed facilitator, Brooke
  • Special gift posted to you as a thank you for attending

Why should you come? Because everyone deserves to have their deepest needs met.

Hope to see you there,

Brooke x