This collection of high-quality products is carefully chosen to help you create a relationship and life that feels good. If you're like me, you want your relationship to be healthy and happy (and long!), and you want to feel vibrant, but life is busy and overwhelming. There's an endless to-do list, a bunch of people who expect things of you, and at the end of the day you're tired from all the giving

After all that, I'm guessing you don't feel like 'it'. Even though you know how important intimacy is for your relationship - and for you! Making time for intimacy can be a bit like going to the gym - you may not feel like going but you're always pleased afterwards. 

The Rekindle Collection is curated to help you reconnect with your innate sensuality, to locate and nurture the source of your desire. As much as I'd love my desire to spontaneously combust while I'm hanging out the washing, that's not how it works (sucks, I know).

Being open to intimacy starts with self-love. Use these gorgeous products as reminders to make time for feeling and connecting. Pretty soon, it becomes easier to prioritise pleasure. 


Each little thing you do to support your desire makes a difference


Reignite your passion and playfulness.

Spark your curiosity.

Allow your rekindled desire to lead you back to your vitality.

Give yourself permission to put aside the endless to-do list.

The dishes can wait but your deep satisfaction can't!



What's included :

  • The Hollow's exclusively formulated She Desires aphrodisiac herbal tea 

  • Stainless steel tea strainer (in case you don't have one because there's nothing worse than receiving a lovely gift you can't use straight away!)

  • The Husk Mill 70% Dark Chocolate with Murray River Pink Salt 

  • Lux Aestiva's Gypsy Body Oil 

  • Medium rose quartz drilled yoni egg

  • All packaged in a beautiful, reusable white gift box with magnetic closure


  • Full colour pamphlet with everything you need to know about each item in the collection

  • Total product value of more than $160 if you were to buy the items seperately

  • Postage of $17.80 paid for by She Desires



We know buying for yourself isn't always easy but I'm sure you'll love the products as much as some of our customers have already. Here's a review of the Lux Aestiva Gypsy Body Oil:



Just before you go, we want to let you know something important...

 You are worthy of your desires x