Tickle Your Fancy

Tickle Your Fancy


This collection encourages you to set aside your mental load and bring mindfulness to the bedroom. Use the beautiful products to create rituals to get you in the mood.

Blindfolded, you are encouraged to focus only on the sensation of the soft feather across your body. for in this moment you are liberated from all expectation and duty. 



Skeem Design | Axiom Black Jar Candle | 50 hour burn

The Greek origin of the word Axiom, means to be in balance. Our Axiom candle collection plays with the ideas of balance and structure both in the facets of the matte-white cut glass container, and in the gold metallic lid designs which were inspired by the geometric patterns found in nature.

Hand poured in the USA. Reusable ceramic jar.

Bijoux Indiscrets | Lucky Love Dice | Pack of 3

Use these dice to discover how lucky you are in love. Bijoux Indiscrets’ dice game has been designed so you can personalize it: you control the intensity of the game every time.

Bijoux Indiscrets | Satin Embroidered Blindfold

You need only to close your eyes to step into a world of sensation. Shhh is much more than just a blindfold – it’s an invitation to irresistible suspense and fantasy.

Bijoux Indiscrets | Kissable Body Powder - Soft Caramel & Salt | 20g

At dusk, keep the golden glow of the sun’s last rays on your skin and allow him to take delight in the sweetest of kisses.

Bijoux Indiscrets | Pom Pom Feather Tickler

Made from the softest feathers, stroking certain areas opens the door to a flood of sensations and a touch to others is pure delirium. The body is a map with many hot spots responsive to light touch. Using a soft feather tickler to find them is an adventure.


Values: Discovery || Imagination || Performance || Playfulness || Surrender


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Je Joue Mimi Soft
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Lux Aestiva Gypsy Body Oil
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